Five Ways to Be Creative When You Don’t Feel Inspired

No matter how creative you are as a person, there will always be moments where you feel like you are stuck and ideas just can’t seem to find its way to your brain no matter how hard you try to summon it. And when this happens, there are several things that we can do:

1. Listen to Music

Crank up some of your favorite songs and sing your heart out. If you’re not a fan of singing, then feel free to sit down and simply enjoy the music.

2. Watch Some Videos/Podcasts/Movies

Watching is one of the things that if you do it in the right way, it can bring quite many advantages. Picking the right materials to watch, such as Ted talks, podcasts (Some of our favorites: Jim Kwik, The Tony Robbins Podcast, GaryVee Audio Experience) and TV series that you can learn from will make a big difference. One of the most recommended TV Show by our CEO, Brilliant Liu, is The Profit by Marcus Lemonis. “I’ve learnt not just business insights from the show, but also communication skill, empathy and the fact that kindness works when it comes to business.”

3. Read Interesting Books/Articles

Reading is considered a boring activity by some people who haven’t yet discovered the joy in doing so. What they don’t know is that just like watching, if you find the right materials, reading is a fun activity. Some of the books you can try to read is: The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, Outlier by Malcolm Gladwell, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

4. Meditate

Simply close your eyes and just focus on your breathing. Don’t think about what to do next or what to eat for lunch. Just keep your mind focused on your breathing and be mindful of your surrounding. Do this for 5–10 minutes everyday. Choose quiet place where you can have some privacy.

5. Make lists

With so many things to do, keeping them in mind might not be the most effective way to remember to do all of them. One of the most recommended ways is making lists. Write down everything you need to do and prioritize the most important things on the top of the list. This way, you will not leave out important things and you will know which things to put more focus on.

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