It’s always ‘You gotta work hard if you wanna succeed’ or ‘Work harder than everyone else in the room.’ But is hard work really the only factor when it comes to achieving big goals?

Many people seem to have worked really hard, so hard they seem to have no time to rest at all. But why aren’t they where they aspire to be? If the world is constantly bombarded with the message that in order to success, hard work is required; why are there still hard working people who struggle to make ends meet?

Well, turns out we need more than that. Working hard increases your chances of success but it doesn’t guarantee it. In today’s world, together with putting in the hours, it’s also as important that there is smartness when it comes to getting things done. If there’s a way to create an elaborate painting (e.g. Mona Lisa, which reportedly took Da Vinci 4 years to finish) in less than a year, why not? If there’s a way to get two things done in a day, why settle on doing just one? Of course, as we simplify the process of doing things for the sake of being more productive, quality is the one biggest thing we have to be careful not to compromise.

Therefore, in conclusion, hard work and smart work are both needed when it comes to success. Put in the hours, but make sure the hours you put in are really worth it. Get creative, look for ways to get the works done faster and easier.

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