How to fix: Instagram “Action Blocked”

If your account had been “Action Blocked” by Instagram and you want to find ways to fix it, you’ve come to the right place. I will help you restore your account and actions because one of my community accounts @fotogsmru was blocked for more than 2 months until I did something about it other than tapping on the “Tell Us” button.

To get started, my community account @fotogsmru was action blocked because I liked too many posts just after I started using that account again (it was dormant for 2 years). This is the main reason for your account to be blocked.

How can you fix it?

Well, if this is your first or tenth time getting action blocked, you would probably get banned for these periods of time, 1hour, 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours & 72 hours. All you can do here is wait. Do your time in the Instagram jail.

But if like me, you still couldn’t perform any actions from your account after 3 days. You could be one of the many people that gets a hard-ban. Which means that you will have to wait 1 week up to 2 weeks for your ban to be lifted.

Now if you’re more than 2 weeks in and you still can’t perform any actions, well now you’re fu*cked! Because Instagram added you to its naughty list (aka spam accounts list). There are really few things you can do to contact IG and get them to take you out of that list OR you can follow these steps that I did to get out of a 2 months action ban.

1. Delete all repetitive #hashtags on your 6 recent posts.

2. Log out of your account.

3. Uninstall the Instagram app (if you can uninstall it, disable it.)

4. Wait for 24-48 hours without using the app.

5. After step 4, install or enable the Instagram app again and log in your account.

That will do the trick! It doesn’t really make much sense but this method works like clearing cache from your browser. It kinda resets your Instagram account status or gets rid of the spam status as a lot of data is collected by the IG servers and they need to get rid of some of it at some point. And since your app and account appear to be not active, allows IG to clear it’s cache from your app and account to make a place for new data.

That’s all folks! Share it with someone who might be needing this!

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