Hey, I'm Khay!

Hello, Welcome Byinveni Bienvenue !

I'm Khay, Designer, Creator, and Digital Innovator

Area of expertise: Website Development, Digital Growth Strategy,  Multimedia Production

About Khay

I’m Faiz Khayrattee, a creative mind dedicated to bringing ideas to life. With a passion for design, web development, and crafting digital products, I create experiences that captivate, inspire, and make lives easier.

Whether it’s designing sleek web interfaces, sharing insights about making money online, or developing tools that add more aesthetic to everyday life, my world revolves around innovation, creativity, and success.

My digital products are carefully crafted to enhance your daily experiences and add a touch of innovation and cosiness to your routine. Curious to see how?

Latest Products

Crafted with cosy intentions.
Wallpaper Pack 1
Wallpaper Pack 2
Wallpaper Pack 3

Projects & Tools

Developed with productive intentions.
Khay Digital

Web Development Agency

Kartel Labs

Digital Transformation Lab


Full CRM Tool for SMEs