Details & Stories of Life

Content Creator & Visual Storyteller

The art of storytelling
is important.

In a single frame, a photographer has to create the same tension, that Hollywood has 129.600 tries and opportunities. I guess you can realize, how difficult storytelling in photography can be.

As a static medium, a photograph is frozen in a moment. You don’t know what happened before or afterwards. This leaves room for the viewer to come up with a story himself.

That is the beauty of it.


About Faiz Khay

Muhammad Faiz Khayrattee, also known as Faiz Khay, is an aspiring young entrepreneur skilled in content creation & web development from the little heaven island of Mauritius.

He spent the last 7 years learning & crafting photographic art. In the process, he managed to grow a community on social media that supports what he does.

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